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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Beauty, Nature, and Society in Shaftesbury’s The Moralists IN Beyond Autonomy in Eighteenth-Century British and German AestheticsAxelsson, karl (ed.); Flodin, Camilla (ed.); Pirholt, Mattias (ed.)
2000Before LogicMason, Richard; Lucas, George R. Jr. (ed.)
2000Before LogicMason, Richard
1953Being and TimeHeidegger, Martin
2007Believing by FaithBishop, John
2007Benard Williams: Contemporary philosophy in focusThomas, Alan (ed.)
2022The biopsychosocial modelKalulu, Innocent Gregory
2008BLACK LIVES MATTER A Context for Teaching Mathematics for Social Justice : strategies for teachers and students.Leonard, Jacqueline (ed.)
1967Black Skin, White MasksFANON, FRANTZ
2003The Blackwell Companion to PhilosophyBUNNIN, NICHOLAS ed.; TSUI-JAMES, E. P. ed.
2004The Blackwell Dictionary of Western PhilosophyBUNNIN, NICHOLAS; YU, JIYUAN
2004The Blackwell Guide to American PhilosophyMarsoobian, Armen T. ed.; Ryder, John ed.
2003The Blackwell Guide to Ancient PhilosophyShields, Christopher ed.
2006The Blackwell Guide to Aristotle’s Nicomachean EthicsKraut, Richard ed.
2003The Blackwell Guide to Continental PhilosophySolomon, Robert C. ed.; Sherman, David ed.
2006The Blackwell Guide to Descartes’ MeditationsGaukroger, Stephen ed.
2006The Blackwell Guide to Hume’s TreatiseTraiger, Saul ed.
2002The Blackwell Guide to MetaphysicsGale, Richard M. ed.
2006The Blackwell Guide to Mill’s UtilitarianismWEST, HENRY R. ed.